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Im Kabinett des Todes: Klappentexte

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Dies ist eine Übersicht über die Klappentexte von Stephen Kings Kurzgeschichtensammlung Im Kabinett des Todes.

Cover der Taschenbuch-Ausgabe



Taschenbuch-Ausgabe (Ullstein)
Vierzehn düstere und atemberaubende Geschichten, die den Leser in ihren Bann ziehen. Egal, ob es sich um Treffen mit Toten, fast Toten, Ehekrisen oder Alpträume anderer Art handelt, Stephen King ist wieder einmal in Höchstform.
Im Kabinett des Todes hält für jeden Leser etwas bereit, egal ob er sich mit Howard Cottrell als Scheintoter in "Autopsieraum vier" befindet oder in "Alles endgültig" mit dem jungen Dinky Earnshaw leidet, dessen Traumjob sich als höllische Sackgasse entpuppt. In "Der Mann im schwarzen Anzug" zeigt King schließlich seine literarische Meisterschaft – für diese Geschichte erhielt er den begehrten O'Henry Award.


Hardcover-Ausgabe (Hodder & Stoughton)
The first collection of stories Stephen King has published since Nightmares & Dreamscapes nine years ago includes one O.Henry [sic!] Prize-winner, two other award-winners, fours stories published by The New Yorker, and Riding the Bullet, King's original e-book that attracted over half a million on-line readers and became the most famous short story of the decade.
Riding the Bullet, published here on paper for the first time, is the story of Alan Parker, who's hitchhiking to see his dying mother, but takes the wrong ride, farther than he ever intended.
In Lunch at the Gotham Café, a sparring couple's contentious lunch turns very, very bloody when the maître d' gets out of sorts.
1408, the audio story in print for the first time, is about a successful writer whose specialty is "Ten Nights in Ten Haunted Graveyards", or "Ten Nights in Ten Haunted Houses", and though Room 1408 at the Dolphin Hotel doesn't kill him, he won't be writing about ghosts any more.
And in That Feeling, You Can Only Say What it is in French, terror is déjà vu at 16,000 feet.
Eines der Hörbücher



Hauptartikel: Everything's Eventual (Hörbuch)
Blood and Smoke
Hauptartikel: Blood and Smoke
Stephen King has forced us to confront our greatest fears. He has guided us through the depths of our imagination to places we never would have ventured alone. Now, in BLOOD AND SMOKE, he takes us inside a world of yearning and paranoia, isolation and addiction. It is the world of the smoker.
In this audio-only collection, the now politically incorrect habit plays a key role in the fates of three different men in three unabridged stories of unfiltered suspense.
In Lunch at the Gotham Café, Steve Davis is suffering through intense withdrawal – from both nicotine and his wife. His desperation for a cigarette and for his ex are almost too much to bear, but that's nothing compared to the horrors that await him at a trendy Manhattan restaurant.
In 1408, Mike Enslin, bestselling author of "true" ghost stories, decides to spend the night in New York City's most haunted hotel room. But he must live to write about it without the help of his ex best-friends, his trusty smokes.
And in In the Deathroom, a man named Fletcher is held captive in a South American stronghold. His captors will use any tortuous means necessary to extract the information they want from him. His only hope lies with his last request – one last cigarette, please.
The Man in the Black Suit: Four Dark Tales
Hauptartikel: The Man in the Black Suit: Four Dark Tales
"… the face of the man in the black suit grows ever clearer, and I remember every word he said. I don't want to think of him, but I can't help it, and sometimes at night my old heart beats so hard and so fast I think it will tear itself right clear of my chest."
A haunting recollection of a mysterious boyhood event, The Man in the Black Suit read by John Collum leads off this masterful collection from Stephen King.
Other dark tales include: All That You Love Will Be Carried Away read by Peter Gerety, in which a man checks into a Lincoln, Nebraska Motel 6 to find the meaning in his life; That Feeling, You Can Only Say What It Is in French read by Becky Ann Baker presents the ultimate case of déjà vu; and The Death of Jack Hamilton read by Arliss Howard – a blistering tale of Depression-era outlaws on the run.
LT's Theory of Pets
Hauptartikel: L.T.'s Theory of Pets (Hörbuch)
Stephen King delivers a haunting, heartfelt performance as he shares a story about the bonds between husbands, wives and pets.
LT has a theory about pets, particularly his Siamese cat. It had been their cat not just his cat, but that was until he came home one day to a note on the fridge. his wife had left him.
The cat stayed behind …
Anmerkung: Dieser Klappentext suggeriert, dass von der zurückgelassenen Katze eine Gefahr ausgeht, was nicht der Fall ist.


Hauptartikel: Nightmares and Dreamscapes
The Road Virus Heads North (siehe auch hier und hier)
A mysterious painting is more than meets the eye, as a famous writer finds out the hard way. (You'll want to sleep afterward with one eye open.)
Autopsy Room Four (siehe auch hier)
What's going on in Autopsy Room Four? Just what you'd expect. Plus what you wouldn't – the man on the slab is still alive.