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Dennis Downing

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Dennis Downing ist ein US-amerikanischer Musiker. Der gelernte Schlagzeuger und Percussionist arbeitete von 2001 bis 2003 an einem Projekt mit dem Namen Territories.

Inspiriert von Kings Dunkler-Turm-Zyklus und dem Roman Der Talisman (zusammen mit Peter Straub geschrieben) erschuf Downing eine (rein instrumentale) musikalische Reise durch die Territorien und in die Welt von Roland Deschain.


Das Cover der CD
Willkommen in den "Territories", ein Land, dessen Grenzen nur durch deine Vorstellungskraft bestimmt werden. Lass deinen Geist entlang des Balken wandern, während du diese Parallelwelt bereist und dich an ihrer reinen Schönheit labst. Die Zeiten sind hier einfacher und die Luft ist hier so süß und sauber, dass man riechen kann, wenn Kilometer entfernt ein Radieschen aus dem Boden gezogen wird. Während du den Balken entlangreist, nimm dir die Zeit, die Schönheit mitzuerleben. Höre auf die trauervollen Klänge des Ozeans, während die Wellen an den Gestaden des Westlichen Meeres brechen. Verweile eine Zeitlang und feiere die Erntezeit in einem der kleinen Dörfer entlang des Weges.
Aber sei gewarnt! Diese Welt bewegt sich weiter und dunkle Mächte versuchen, die Liebe und das Licht in diesem Land erlöschen zu lassen. Nur deine heldenhaften Bemühungen können es unter Umständen retten, aber vielleicht werden auch alle Welten zu einem trostlosen Ödland.
Komme oft hierher zurück. Die "Territories" warten auf dich. [1]


Dennis Downing über seine Inspiration: [2]

I have always been fascinated with the concept of parallel worlds and the existence of “thin spots” where it might be possible to cross over into another time or place. I find myself drawn to books and movies that deal with this idea. But nowhere have I found a more detailed and intriguing interpretation of this premise than in ‘The Dark Tower’ books written by Stephen King. The worlds that he has created in his books, like our own world, are at the same time both beautiful and dangerous.
When I was trying to decide what type of project I wanted to pursue for this CD, I wanted to choose a subject that interested me to the point that I would have no trouble finding inspiration. Choosing the Dark Tower books turned out to be an easy decision. I have read the books and listened to the audiotapes many times and I always savor my visits. I also enjoy the fact that many of Stephen King’s other novels have referenced the Tower and have given more insight to the characters involved. When I began thinking about this project, I had decided that I wanted to tie in the Territories from the ‘Talisman’ because in my mind, I believed that the Territories and the world of the Dark Tower books were closely related. Stephen King and Peter Straub have since confirmed my feelings with the release of “Black House” (dt. Das Schwarze Haus).
My desire when creating the compositions of the ‘Territories’ was to give listeners their own "thin spot" that they could use to cross over into the worlds that they love so much. I have always found music to be one of the few portals that one can use to transport themselves to other worlds. I also wanted to allow people to make their own sojourn along the path of the Beam to the Dark Tower. Though many of the landmarks you will find on your trip are similar to those you encounter in the books, the path you take and the events you experience may not be the same as Roland's ka-tet, but your mission is the same. And in the end, when you reach the Dark Tower, you will stand and be true.
Dennis Downing - May 2003

Die Songs

Crossing Over 6:19

Gray sky. Gray mood. Gray soul. This is how you feel as you awake and face the day. Another day that is just like all of the others that have gone before. Wake up, go to work, come home, sleep, only to repeat the cycle an untold number of times. [3]

Gilead (city of love and light) 4:55

A few days after arriving in the territories, you crest a densely wooded hill and, through a small clearing in the trees, spy a great walled city in the distance. You stand and stare, unable to believe your eyes, at the graceful spires those walls contain as they rise and disappear into the clouds above.

Along the Path of the Beam 5:54

After your first night in Gilead, you awake to find that dozens upon dozens of notes, some written in the high speech of the very wealthy, some barely more than unintelligible scratchings, have been slid under your door. They all carry the same message: “Follow The Beam. Save us all.

Prophecy of the Oracle 4:05

Unexpectedly, your path through the forest opens up onto a small clearing where you find an unusual circle of stones. You pull up, just outside the circle, unsure how to proceed. As you stand, weighing your options, a strange force surrounds you. Against your will, you find yourself stepping into the circle.

The Girl at the Window 5:00

Nestled in the foothills, along the path of the beam, stands a small cottage. As you approach it, you notice the silhouette of a girl in the cottage’s lone front window. Intrigued, you decide to take a closer look.

On the Shore of the Western Sea 4:34

Your mind is working furiously, recounting the events of the last few days. It’s all so incredible, the fact that you are here, wherever here truly is, and everything that has happened. In particular, you think about the girl (was it really a girl?) whom you just left. You are certain that you did the right thing in not accepting her invitation, but the fact is her cottage was warm and inviting, and you are cold, hungry, and lonely.

Reaping Fair 3:47

Eight days. Eight days of walking the lonely, wind-swept beach. Eight days with nothing but the sounds of the gulls, the waves, and your own breath. When you began your trek along the shore, you spoke aloud, remembering songs and poetry from your school days. But, after a while, the desolation became too much. The songs and speech stopped, both seeming hollow and empty. The ocean did not want to hear them, nor did the gulls.

Thunderclap 5:57

You awaken from a fitful night. Wiping the sleep out of your eyes, you get up and walk over to the window. After pulling back the curtains, you look out at the village that has been your home for the last seven sunsets. The village that has taken you in and made you welcome after your long, lonely trek along the beach. The streets are deserted, very unusual for this time of day. Something is different. Something is wrong.

Ka Like a Wind 3:47

More than a little shaken by the knowledge that the Wolves were coming for you, you continue on. Your mind is confused, and your reason for being here in this strange world is muddled. The world which seemed exciting, offering you the adventure of a lifetime, has become worn and tattered around the edges.

Court of the Crimson King 6:03

Ka…Ka…Ka. The word turns over and over in your mind. Is it true? Is it your destiny to save this world and its people? Or, is it your destiny simply to try and save this world and its people from the forces that wish to destroy it?

Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came 4:00

As evening approaches, teetering on the edge between twilight and darkness, you crest a ridge. The sky overhead has lost all shades of blue, and is now a deep purple, the color of an old bruise. Squinting in the rapidly fading light, you see it; a field stretching for miles, climbing a gentle slope of land. Standing at the top of the slope, silhouetted against the setting sun, is the Dark Tower.

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