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Alpträume: Klappentexte

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Kurzgeschichtensammlung Verfilmungen Hörbücher Klappentexte

Dies ist eine Übersicht über die Klappentexte von Stephen Kings Kurzgeschichtensammlung Alpträume.

Cover der englischen Taschenbuch-Ausgabe



Hardcover-Ausgabe (Hoffmann und Campe)
In der Wüste von Nevada geht ein Cadillac auf Tauchstation. Aus dem Abfluss eines Waschbeckens reckt sich ein Finger. Ein Scherzartikel sorgt für Gerechtigkeit. Die längst verstorbenen Größen des Rock and Roll tyrannisieren eine Kleinstadt. Ein Nachkomme des Grafen Dracula macht Amerikas Luftraum unsicher. Urlaubsreisende geraten in eine gespenstische Regenzeit. Ein Haus verwandelt sich in ein Raumschiff. Vampire lassen sich nicht entführen.
Geschichten, wie nur Stephen King sie erzählen kann – makaber, monströs, mörderisch. Voll verborgener Untiefen. Und gleichzeitig Erforschungen des Grenzbereichs zwischen Gut und Böse, zwischen Alptraum und Wirklichkeit. Die Orte des Geschehens reichen von New York, Los Angeles und London bis Castle Rock, dem legendären Schauplatz seiner Romane Cujo und In einer kleinen Stadt/Needful Things. Und das ist noch nicht alles. Auf der Spur des klassischen Kriminalromans versetzt King den Leser in die Welten von Conan Doyleein Mordfall, den nicht Sherlock Holmes, sondern Dr. Watson aufklärt – und Raymond Chandler.
Taschenbuchausgabe (Heyne)
Ein Feuerwerk des Grauens, ein Meisterwerk der Phantasie
Geschichten, wie nur Stephen King sie erzählen kann-makaber, monströs, mörderisch. Voll verborgener Untiefen. Höllentrips in die Grenzbereiche zwischen Gut und Böse, zwischen Alptraum und Wirklichkeit. Ganze Schulklassen verwandeln sich in kleine Monster, Banker entpuppen sich als Zombies, Vampire steuern Flugzeuge.


Taschenbuch-Ausgabe (Hodder and Stoughton)
A solitary finger pokes out of a drain. Novelty teeth turn predatory. The Nevada desert swallows a Cadillac. Meanwhile, the legend of Castle Rock returns … and grows on you. What does it all mean? What else could it mean? Stephen King is back with a powerful new collection of stories – a vast, many-chambered cave of a volume.


Hauptartikel: Nightmares and Dreamscapes (Hörbuch)
Eines der Hörbücher
Dolan's Cadillac and Other Stories
A widowed husband spends seven years plotting revenge for his wife's murder in Dolan's Cadillac. A school teacher discovers her students are not what they seem in Suffer the Little Children. In Crouch End, a woman fears that supernatural events may have led to her husband's disappearance. And in Rainy Season, a young couple is forced into the ultimate battle of Man vs. Nature when torrential rain turns deadly.
Chattery Teeth and Other Stories
A pair of metal teeth in a convenience store may prove to be more than a novelty in Chattery Teeth. In My Pretty Pony, an elderly man on his deathbed warns his young grandson against the dangers of letting time slip away. A music exec learns that his dream job may lead him to a dark and murderous past in Sneakers. And in Dedication, maid working in a hotel uses black magic in the hopes of benefiting her unborn son.
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It Grows on You and Other Stories
An infamous house in Castle Rock takes on a life of its own in It Grows on You. In The Fifth Quarter, a crook seeks to avenge his friend's death and to piece together a map to stolen treasure that his buddy died trying to claim. A nightly free rock-and-roll concert carries a hidden price in You Know They Got a Hell of a Band. And a tabloid-reporter's pursuit of a brutal killer could turn deadly in in [sic!] The Night Flier]].
The End of the Whole Mess and Other Stories
One man's pursuit of world peace turns deadly in The End of the Whole Mess. Stephen King puts his spin on the familiar duo of Holmes and Watson in The Doctor's Case. In The Moving Finger, menace arrives poking out of the drain of a bathroom sink. And a young, pregnant widow takes on a zombie attack in Home Delivery.
The House on Maple Street and Other Stories
Mysterious machinery begins to take over The House on Maple Street. A private detective finds out that he is merely the character in a crime novel in Umney's Last Case. In the non-fiction piece Head Down, King chronicles the 1989 season of his son Owen's little league baseball team and their journey to the Maine State Championships. And as a companion to Head Down, Brooklyn August takes a nostalgic look back on the glory days of professional baseball.
Sorry, Right Number and Other Stories
A mysterious phone call ends in death in Sorry, Right Number presented in a full-cast dramatization. [[Sheridan|A gambling addict trying to pay off his debts gets more than he bargained for in Popsy. Nicotine withdrawal leads to horrifying consequences in The Ten O'Clock People. And Stephen King puts his mark on a timeless Hindu fable in The Beggar and the Diamond, and also offers rare insights into the creation of the entire collection in a special afterword in his own distinctive voice.


Hauptartikel: Nightmares and Dreamscapes
Die Verfilmungen


If you think your dreams are disturbing, imagine the nightmares of Stephen King.
Go beyond the ordinary. Go beyond the sane. With Stephen King as storyteller, you'll travel to worlds of the imagination where the extraordinary is commonplace and madness lurks just beneath the surface in eight mind-bending stories. Then, go beyond the beyond with revealing behind-the-screams bonus content.
  • Crouch End: A London cabbie warns two American honeymooners: "Don't go to Crouch End. They go. As for coming back …
  • Umney's Last Case: Nice life – he'll take it! A writer swaps places with the 1930s private eye he created. So the author lives in the '30s. The shamus lives in today's world. And the plot eerily thickens.
  • The End of the Whole Mess: Is a non-violent world a survivable world? A filmmaker with just a short time to live recounts the details of his brother's worldwide experiment gone terribly wrong.
  • You Know They Got a Hell of a Band: A married couple enters the unmapped burg called Rock and Roll Heaven, Oregon, where there's a free concert every night. But the price of admission is high.
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